Melanie Brethour

Structured Literacy Teacher, Dyslexia Advocate, and Founder of Decoding Dyslexia Quebec and SOAR With Dyslexia

Issue 20: Legacy of Literacy: Honouring a Luminary | Pat Jones Members Public

Legacy of Literacy - Honouring a Luminary: This article celebrates the lifetime dedication of Pat Jones OBE to dyslexia advocacy and education as she retires, offering a heartfelt tribute to her remarkable efforts in advancing awareness and support for dyslexic individuals.

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Issue 18: Reading Between the Lines: Dyslexia's Emotional Toll in Home and School Life | Melanie Brethour Members Public

Melanie Brethour sheds light on the emotional toll of dyslexia in both home and school life, emphasizing the importance of early identification, effective reading instruction, and collaborative support from parents and teachers to help dyslexic children thrive academically and emotionally.

Melanie Brethour
Melanie Brethour
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