Ava Eldridge

Dystinct Journalist & Illustrator

Issue 19: Dystinct Report – Flynn & Ava Eldridge’s Interview with Professor Pamela Snow Members Public

Young journalists Flynn and Ava Eldridge have a chat with Dr Pamela Snow, Professor of Cognitive Psychology in the School of Education at La Trobe University, Australia, about her work at the SOLAR Lab and her life.

Flynn Eldridge Ava Eldridge Dr Pamela Snow
Dystinct Report

Issue 12: Dystinct Report Interview of Dave Strudwick by Flynn Eldridge and Ava Eldridge Members Public

Nine and ten-year-old journalists Ava and Flynn Eldridge have a chat with Dave Strudwick, the owner of The Roofing Hut who has a preference for dyslexic employees. They find out how being dyslexic has contributed to Dave's success in business.

Flynn Eldridge Ava Eldridge
Dystinct Report