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Dystinct Magazine's 7th issue: January 2022 is available to download on Apple and Android devices. The issue covers inspirational stories from children and adults with learning difficulties (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dysgraphia and dyspraxia).

Zahra Nawaz
Zahra Nawaz

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On The Cover

Issue 7 January 2022 Dystinct Magazine

On the cover is Diezel Reef.

This issue features the story of 15-year-old Diezel Reef and his mum Adrianne Skye who listened to him and helped mould Diezel to become the successful athlete, woodworker, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur that he is now.


The January 2022 issue of Dystinct Magazine brings to you:

1) Dystinct Report Interview of Karen Willson - by Flynn Eldridge (Journalist at [Click here to read]

9-year-old journalist Flynn Eldrige interviews Karen Willson, the director of Simply Homeschool, to find out facts about homeschool and whether Minecraft is a part of homeschooling.

2) What’s Language Got to do With It? The Impact of Language on Literacy - By Julia J. Yi (Speech-Language Pathologist & Ph.D. candidate at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill) [Click here to read]

Julia J. Yi demystifies the construct of language by explaining the relationship between language and literacy.

3) The Dystinct Journey of Alyce Sophia Procter (Artist and director at [Click here to read]

The inspiring story of a 32-year-old dyslexic and neurodivergent art teacher who operates out of a shipping container converted to a stunning studio in picturesque Emerald in the Dandenong Ranges of Victoria, Australia.

4) Motivating Students with Dyslexia to learn - By Dr. Gad Elbeheri (Author, Speaker, Educator, Chairman of Global Educational Consultants, Egypt [Click here to read]

Dr. Gad Elbeheri describes the various aspects of motivation and how to use that knowledge to motivate students with dyslexia to learn.

5) The Dystinct Journey of Skylar Lahoda - written by Linda Hymel [Click here to read]

Linda Hymel shares a story of struggles and perseverance, an ongoing journey their family is going through in the public school system with their wonderful 16-year-old daughter Skylar Lahoda.

6) A problem shared is a problem halved: how partnerships can help navigate the journey-By Kathryn Thorburn (Speech Pathologist and Teacher - [Click here to read]

Kathryn Thorburn discusses the practical aspects of the implementation of collaborative consultation, and effective partnerships between schools, families, and external providers for an effective educational outcome.

7) The Dystinct Journey of Diezel Reef (entrepreneur and owner of Diez-ign) [Click here to read]

The story of 15-year-old Diezel Reef and his mum Adrianne Skye who listened to him and helped mould Diezel to become the successful athlete, woodworker, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur that he is now.

8) THREE HOMESCHOOL STRATEGIES – THE KEYS TO SUCCESS– Karen Willson (Teacher & Director of Simply Homeschool [Click here to read]

Karen Willson discusses how homeschooling is a fast-growing educational sector in Australia and suggests practical strategies that homeschooling parents of children with learning difficulties can employ to maximise the impact of their homeschooling.

9) Dystinct Report by Logan Monro (Student at Blank Canvas Awareness Art [Click here to read]

11-year-old journalist Logan Monro’s report of his visit to the selfie museum with other kids at the Empowerment Camp organised by Blank Canvas Awareness Art.

10) Ten practices that support effective literacy teaching– By Clare Wood (Founder, Tiny Steps Make Big Strides Literacy Clinic. [Click here to read]

Clare Wood outlines ten effective classroom practices that can support and scaffold successful learning from the beginning of children’s education journey.

11) Perceptions about Dyslexia Across Various Cultures- by Stephen Emmanuel (Researcher and founder of Inclusive Classroom Nigeria, [Click here to read]

Stephen Emmanuel discusses the prevalence of dyslexia and perceptions around it across various cultures and languages and the need for culturally and linguistically responsive practices in planning educational services for students with dyslexia.

12) The Dystinct Journey of Scott Berry [Click here to read]

The story of an award-winning movie maker Scott Berry (, from Australia who is beginning to feel the joy in asking for help after recently embracing his diagnosis of dyslexia after years of trying to hide his struggles.

Editor's Note

Happy New Year to you all!

With six issues of the Dystinct Magazine completed, this brings us back to our January issue for 2022 and our first anniversary of launching the Dystinct Magazine. Happy New Year to all of you who have been following our magazine this past year. 365 days have passed since we launched, and despite the ongoing challenges we all faced in 2021, it was a positive year for us, and I’m grateful for this platform to connect with you all.

On the anniversary of our launch, I’m excited to announce that the Dystinct Magazine is now available at public libraries worldwide that offer the Libby app service to their patrons. So please spread the word among your friends and family to access the Dystinct magazine for free through their local libraries.

In this first issue of 2022, I’m thrilled to introduce Flynn Eldridge, our newest team member. 9-year-old Flynn is a talented up and coming journalist. In this issue, you can watch Flynn’s interview with Karen Willson of Simply Homeschool.

We also have lots of evidence-based content and the dystinct journeys of amazing people for you to read and be inspired.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue and all the specialist content covered.

Please get in touch with me if you have any feedback, ideas, or stories to share to change the narrative surrounding learning disabilities.


Zahra Nawaz Shafeeq

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Founder of Dystinct


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